Oulu Entrepreneurship Society is run by a student-led board that operates for one calendar year. Get to know our team below and send us a message.


Eemeli Alanne

Chairman of the board

A student in the morning, educator during the day and entrepreneurship enthusiast in the evening. I am an active member of Oulu's entrepreneurship ecosystem and a firm believer in learning by doing and trying new things. I’m currently doing my Master’s Degree in Education and Globalization and I work for the non-governmental organization called Junior Achievement Finland. I am the Chairman of Oulu Entrepreneurship Society in 2019.


eemeli(a)oulues.com |  +358458556345

Olli-Pekka Nikka

vice-chairman of the board

I’m 21-year old Entrepreneurship student in Oulu University of Applied Sciences. I’m the kind of person who thinks all the time how to improve myself and solve problems what comes in the road of achieving my goals. I’m very optimistic and always tackling the life with a positive attitude. I am an artistic and creative person, so I’m very open-minded. I’m a dancer, and my way to express what’s inside me is dancing, and I absolutely love to dance. I’m in love with the feeling of improving and the feel that I’m going towards my dreams and goals. My deepest motivation and the reason why I do what I do is helping others to achieve their goals and help them find their purpose in their lives. The most important thing is to spread positivity no matter what.

Be curious, not judgmental. - Walt Whitman


Jenna Koski

communications lead

I am 25 years old, and I study in the Master’s Program in Marketing at the University of Oulu.  I am also Communications Lead at OuluES. I am an enthusiastic, innovative and efficient person with an entrepreneurial mindset. I crave for progress both in my personal and professional life by keeping an open and curious mind. I believe in working for your dreams and being your true self; your attitude is what matters.

My background is in event planning and production, content creation and marketing. I thrive in planning campaigns, and I enjoy project-oriented work. I am very organized and at the same time creative person, in marketing I get to combine these strengths. In my future, I want to work in digital marketing, influencer marketing, and PR and I hope to connect them with supporting the environment and sustainability.



Quan Do

Community Lead

Quan is passionate about education, especially in worklife skills and life-long learning. Back in Vietnam, he co-founded a start-up about English & Public Speaking training. He also practiced public speaking and served as a division director in Toastmasters, growing members in Southeast Asia.

At the moment, he’s a fulltime master-of-education student in Oulu, Finland. Besides studying, he’s coaching communication skill, writing life-long learning blogs, and serving as a Community Lead in Oulu Entrepreneurship society. As a good listener, thinker, and doer, Quan acts as a catalyst connecting the students of the society with each other, with other student organizations, and the local companies in Oulu.



Ville Saarenpää

Community Lead

Social and active Mechanical Engineering student from the University of Oulu. Earlier I have participated in various student organizations and the positions have been mainly in the field of business relations, sponsorships and international affairs. I am constantly curious and dedicated in developing my skills and qualities for my whole life.

My role as the Community Lead is to work as an easy link between the community and activities of OuluES, so if you have anything to ask, feel free to contact me!

(It is also my last year of Mechanical Engineering studies and I’m currently looking for a Thesis job, so if you happen to know something interesting, give me a call.)



+358 50 460 9852

Juuso Haavisto

Academic Affairs Lead

Having started his first company through Junior Achievement at the age of 17, then interned in Silicon Valley through Startuplifers, and finally incorporated through Kesäyrittäjä-project, Juuso now joins OuluES as academic affairs lead. Currently working on 6G research at the University of Oulu, Juuso has the insight to contribute in how to bridge together entrepreneurship, coursework, and academia.



Zindaba Mwanza

Events Lead

Zindaba Mwanza Phiri is a young leader whose greatest passion is to significantly contribute significant value towards peoples’ well-being guided by a dynamic and credible personal leadership code with relentless-highly spirited charisma, touch, discipline and focus.

I am constantly working towards achieving personal and professional excellence. Even so, I dedicate time and effort to all my objectives not only to achieve them but also to learn. I live by the undying words of chairman Mao of China, “the important lesson in life is to never stop learning”. Growth is key in personal development.


Elnour Ahmed

Events Lead

With Mechanical engineering background Elnour believes in the power of education. He was volunteering in summer classes for high school students back home during his undergraduate studies and worked as a teacher (High school, University undergraduate) after graduation. Currently, he’s pursuing his master degree in product management, department of Industrial engineering and management at the University of Oulu. His problem-solving skills helped him to work professionally as Customer service, IT support and costing Engineer.

He loves traveling and exploring the world. He is a global volunteer and was taking part in FIFA World Cup 2010, Air Guitar World Champions 2015, he also been part of student organization such AIESEC Oulu and took the lead as head of sports of UPI international and Sudanese community in Gauteng.

Elnour’s mission is to help students build entrepreneurship attitude through the series of events he arranges with the rest of team, and such attitude is needed to help students build a great network and contribute in solving problems during studies and after graduation.



Elias Riihelä

I'm passionate about entrepreneurship and making things happen. I moved from Helsinki to Oulu to study in Oulu business school. Back in Helsinki, I founded Ilkka-Palvelut, which provides services for Airbnb-hosts. I have also founded and lost my fortune in one online store/export company: Menopelit.fi.

Now I'm co-founding a new company: Lumiva.fi, which will provide cleaning services. Also, planning this year Kesäyrittäjä campaign, coordinating “pörssilähettiläät” in Oulu and making some other cool things happen. Btw you can hit me up if you want to know about Airbnb renting since I’m also rent my place in Oulu, or working as a professional Santa Claus during Christmas.



Noora Lievonen

Kesäyrittäjä coordinator

Kesäyrittäjä-coordinator of Oulu Entrepreneurship Society, an educational psychology student and founder of Sisällöntuotanto Naseva who is interested in human behavior, health topics and is armed with a can-do attitude. Noora is calm, precise and endlessly curious which sometimes leads to taking on too much on her plate. On her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading and watching good series. For her, attitude is everything.



Veera Träskelin

Kesäyrittäjä coordinator

Veera fills her days by studying in the Intercultural Teacher Education -program in the University of Oulu, creating digital content for children in her co-founded company Lue Mua!, participating as a board member in Oulu Entrepreneurship Society,  as well as coordinating the Kesäyrittäjä -campaign for summer 2019

She believes firmly that life can be lived to the fullest by people who get sh*t done.