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NY Start Up Entrepreneurship Program Kick-Off 27.11.2018

  • Tellus Innovation Arena, Business Kitchen Stage 1 Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu Oulu, 90570 Finland (map)
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NY Start Up is a university course where you will form a student company (called JA Company). You create your idea and test that in the real market using real money. The company can be based on a new innovation or a concept or it can be about your own skills and passion, which you would like to monetize.

You can create a company that is developing the new cool app, it can be about offering a cleaning service, language or sports club for primary school students or design products for homeowners. YOU decide!

The company can be a team or you can set it up alone. To join the NY Start Up program, you do not have to have an idea beforehand. You just need to have entrepreneurial mindset and will to learn and try new things. This program is the first concrete step towards entrepreneurship and you decide the scale of it!

Program starts on 27th November 2018

Read more about the entrepreneurship program and register on the program site here:

See you at the program kick-off at Tellus Innovation Arena (Business Kitchen Stage) on 27th of November!