About us

Oulu Entrepreneurship Society (OuluES) is a community for entrepreneurial people. We are a student-run organization that promotes entrepreneurial mindset, working life skills and creation of new businesses in Oulu.

We want to be the first step on your journey towards entrepreneurship and working life. To join our events and activities, you do not need to have a business ID nor desire to find your company in the next two weeks. The most important thing is to have the desire to learn new things and build networks.

We welcome all people from entrepreneurs to students from different fields and backgrounds.

OuluES in run by a board. The board has members from both University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The board represents variety of different fields of studies.

Oulu Entrepreneurship Society is funded by University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and BusinessOulu.

What we do?

We organize different events and programs where you can develop your skills, build your networks and get inspired.

Get to know our projects and programs on our projects page and remember to have a look at our event calendar.

How to get involved?

Our events are open for everyone and you are welcome to join us! If you want to get involved in doing, join first as a member (free of charge) and then contact our current board. We are happy to have you help us promoting our cause.

Remember to follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also subscribe to our newsletter – we will keep you updated, what is going on!

We change our board every December and then you have an excellent opportunity to be part of the board of Oulu Entrepreneurship Society. Board is responsible for running the organization and arranging the different activities.

Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Oulu

OuluES is part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Oulu and works closely with Business Kitchen, which is the Oulu universities’ entrepreneurship hub – a community and co-working space to boost action and discover new opportunities in business and in life.